Data Hub Sessions: It's Time To Talk About Ethics in AI

Whether we build it or use it or both, a lot of us think of technology as a neutral thing, something that’s working in the background, helping us by automating the annoying stuff in our day, amplifying our brightest ideas by making them even bigger, faster and more awesome and keeping us on the right track on our drive home. But technology is not neutral. We can't simply engineer perfect solutions to the messy problems that come with human activity. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg.

This presentation is about bringing more humanity to how we build technology for our businesses and our lives.

Presented by Tessa Sproule, this session will cover:

– The role of government regulation in AI and the role of human intervention at a personal and company value level: How much is too much? Where is the balance between innovation, free market and the social good?
– The role of technology companies: Is your company committed making this world a better place for all of us? How thoughtful are we about the role we play in defining how people see and understand the world around them?