Demystifying Development on the Ethereum Blockchain Using Smart Contracts

Join us for our first Myth-busting session at the Data Hub! This talk, focused on blockchain technology, will be presented by Kevin Zhang from ConsenSys.

MYTH: Programming applications on the blockchain requires a PhD in computing science, just to create a simple app.

BUSTED: This talk will demystify development on the Ethereum Blockchain using smart contracts and will share practical ways to get started, along with the types of code a university student can create in just a weekend hackathon. There's no reason your startup or enterprise can’t explore this new, decentralized computing platform too. However, we'll also discuss what types of applications are well-suited to this new tech and which use cases are seeing early traction, to guide the planning of your own experiments.

About the Presenter: Kevin is in charge of Enterprise Delivery for ConsenSys in Canada. He is situated in Toronto and has spent the last 5 years working as a full-stack developer. In the last 2 years, he has dedicated his time to blockchain technology. Kevin has also focused on mobile and foreign exchange in the FinTech realm.