Quantum Computers are Already a Security Threat

As part of our "Mythbusting" series at the Data Hub, join Paul Lucier to learn about the threat that quantum computers pose, and how we can address it.

Large-scale quantum computers are 10+ years away, so there’s lots of time to address any potential threats to security that they pose.

In certain segments, we’re already late in addressing encryption vulnerabilities created by commercially significant quantum computers. In this talk, you will hear an update on the development stage of quantum computers, what effects large-scale quantum computers will have on today’s classical encryption and an overview of the timelines, available solutions and implications/opportunities the quantum threat creates.

About the Presenter:
Paul is the Vice President, Sales & Business Development at ISARA Corporation, which is a security solutions company that offers quantum computer-resistant products to make vulnerable hardware and software compliant with quantum-safe standards.